Was it Romário or Rivaldo who claimed to have scored over 1,000 goals, more than even Pelé?
I cannot remember which of the two once stating this.
Sep 20, 2011 | 09 : 07 AM
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It was Romario who made the slightly dubious claim, back in 2007. In May that year, amid much hype and emotion in his native Brazil, he scored what was, according to his "personal count", his 1,000th senior goal while playing for Vasco de Gama against Sport, at the Sao Januario stadium in Rio. 

There is no doubting that it was a landmark moment for the much-travelled striker, who was 41 at the time and in his 22nd year as a professional. In an emotional speech afterwards, the former Barcelona, PSV Eindhoven, Flamengo, Miami and Brazil star tearfully revealed that the landmark was "not just for me, my parents and my family, but for the whole world" and said it was a "great pleasure to reach this landmark, which only one player has managed", referring, of course, to Pele who had famously scored his 1,000th goal against Vasco de Gama almost four decades earlier, in 1969. 

As with Pele's record, however, there were question marks about its validity. Pele claimed to have scored 1,281 goals in all, although many of these were down to his "personal memory" in youth and "unofficial" games. Similarly, there were those who doubted Romario's landmark as well. There was no doubting his remarkable goal-scoring record  in the professional game, which may well have exceeded 900 "official" goals. According to FIFA, he scored 324 for Vasco, more than 200 for Flamengo, 165 for PSV and more than 50 for Barcelona. But whether or not he really exceeded 1,000 - or indeed whether he scored more goals than Pele - will have to remain one of the game's great unsolved mysteries. 

Paul Clark
There is more chance Romario is telling the truth, a lot more of his goals are actually televised. Pele seams to just make stuff up as he goes along. Geriatric idiot.
2011-09-20 16:07:14
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