Did Ibrahimovic really say he is no longer interested in playing football?
I heard the former Barcelona striker said he is fed-up of football and is no longer interested in the sport. Is their any truth to that?
Oct 05, 2011 | 06 : 11 AM
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic has admitted that in some sense at least he is tired with football. The comments were made during an interview the Corriere dello Sport with the Swede saying:

"Football is no longer burning inside me like back in the old days."

The AC Milan striker recalls the days when he "did not think about anything else," and ," didn't even go to school," so he could play.

However, Ibrahimovic admits "now it is not like that, I'm interested in other things."

"It even takes a great deal of effort for me to play football with my kids in the garden - I now leave it to the babysitter," he added, more bizarrely.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic's current contract with AC Milan runs until 2015, though Ibra's comments in the interview suggest he could then retire.

"Today everything has become routine even though I still enjoy it, but you won't see me playing with white hair and I won't play on until the verge of destroying myself,'' he said. 

"I want to retire when I am still at the top. That might not happen, but that is my objective."

2011-10-05 06:37:04
During a televised interview the Swedish striker did express his lack of motivation and the fact that he is feeling his age more and more each day.

"Football is no longer burning inside me like back in the days. Playing football has become more and more of a routine job for me," 

"It's a matter of getting out there on the pitch, warm up, train and then back home again. However, before I always used to stay out there after training because there was always something to do.

"I am starting to become tired of football and am no longer motivated like before. Football was all I was thinking about when I was younger, but things are different now."

Im not sure what to make of it, if i where a AC Milan fan i would defiantly be worried, it sounds like another Tevez situation. Not that Ibra would stop playing football for the same reason, but playing with no motivation isn't what football is about.
2011-10-05 06:38:44
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