When did Eliseu start his international career with Portugal?
Oct 09, 2011 | 01 : 43 AM
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Being an Azorean myself, I can help answer this question. For more information about his club level career with Málaga and previous football clubs, please read it here.

Eliseu had the option to represent the Cape Verde national football team at international level due to his mother being born in Cape Verde, but opted to represent the Portugal national football team instead. Not because of Portugal being more successful than Cape Verde at international level; it is because of being born and raised on the Azores, Portugal, and it being closer to and from Spain since he currently plays for Málaga.

After warming the bench for the Selecção das Quinas during a friendly match against Finland on the date of Wednesday, 11 February, 2009, and making his international début at another friendly match against Estonia on Portugal Day, which falls annually on June 10th, the Azorean-Portuguese Eliseu made his début XI appearance at a Euro 2012 qualification match against Iceland on Friday, 7 October, 2011, in which he made 2 assists and scored his very first international goal; he never made any assists nor scored any goals prior to that.

Image credit: Me, myself, and I taking a photo close-up shot of Eliseu’s original kit jersey that he had worn when he made his international début. This photo was taken inside his mother's restaurant “Restaurante A Africana” in Posto Santo.

His 2 assists came in at 13 and 81 minutes after assisting to Nani, who was born in Cape Verde, in 13 minutes and then assisting to João Moutinho in 81 minutes before Eliseu scored his very first international goal in 87 minutes from the left flank after unleashing a 20-yard effort! To top it all off, he scored that 20-yarder with his wrong foot!

Eliseu has now officially become the only second Azorean to make more than 1 assist and to score 1 goal for Portugal since the great Pauleta did it at UEFA Euro 2012 qualification match against Azerbaijan after scoring a brace to help Portugal win by a final total scoreline of 7 goals to nil!

Not only is Eliseu the second Azorean to have achieve this feat, but is also the second Azorean to achieve two other feats, which one feat was making a début XI appearance and the other playing the full 90 minutes; he is the only second Azorean to achieve both these feats since the great Pauleta did it at a goalless friendly match against the Netherlands on Wednesday, 10 February, 1999.

Other than both Pauleta and Eliseu, I and many of my fellow Azoreans and Azoreanas find both their feats incredible feats because of never having any Azorean footballers being this lucky to go this far! We are very happy for the both of them! They make many of us, including those who are of Azorean descendents, very proud!

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