Why were there 4 half-naked female models in the men’s shower room of Bohemians 1905?
Oct 19, 2011 | 17 : 34 PM
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The reason to why there were 4 half-naked female models in the men’s shower room of Bohemians 1905 is because current president of Bohemians 1905 Antonín Panenka, who was a former attacking midfielder of Bohemians 1905 and also of the former Czechoslovakia national football team, who received his 15 minutes of fame after taking an unusual penalty kick during a penalty shootout against the former West Germany at the Euro 1976 final and helped his nation take European glory after successfully scoring the unusual penalty kick, hired 4 beautiful Czech models, Alicí, Sandrou, Petrou, and Klárou, to shower with their tops off so to help promote Bohemians 1905 worldwide. Bohemians 1905 have a strong support in the Czech Republic, but Antonín Panenka wants more than that; he wants Bohemians 1905 to be up there with the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, Manchester United, et cœtera, and he felt that by doing this may help his club receive a strong support worldwide. It seems to me that his tactic worked, because the pictures of the 4 beautiful topless Czech models, who are somewhat being dubbed as the “4 sexy kittens playing in the shower”, are already running all over the Internet world.

2011-10-20 16:58:00
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