Why did Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness tell the USA to cancel their iPad orders?
Oct 23, 2011 | 19 : 13 PM
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Bayern Munich president Uli Hoeness told the United States Soccer federation to cancel their Apple iPad orders in an interview with German newspaper Donaukurier.

In the interview, Hoeness criticised Jurgen Klinsmann, who had just been appointed the new coach of the US national team. 

Hoeness’s interview saw the Bayern President dismiss Klinsmann’s time managing the club as an expensive mistake.

Klinsmann was in charge of Bayern Munich from July 2008 to April 2009 when he was fired. 

In the interview, Hoeness was critical of Klinsmann’s time in charge explaining that the club “bought computers for thousands of dollars” because Klinsmann like to use powerpoint presentations to explain the game plans to the players.

In contrast, Hoeness noted, current coach Jupp Heynckes needed only five colour markers and a flip chart to do the same.

“With Heynckes, we win games for €12.50, while we spent a lot of money under Klinsmann and had little success,” Hoeness noted.

“If you’re a treasurer at the United States Soccer Federation, it’s not too late to cancel the iPad orders,” he added. 

Hoeness added that while Van Gaal may have also failed  “he was a catastrophe in human relations is another story.”

“As expert, he was top. That’s why he wasn’t a mistake. Klinsmann was.”

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