What did Roberto Mancini say about Mario Balotelli's smoking habit?
Dec 31, 2011 | 09 : 05 AM
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In an interview in December 2011, Manchester City boss Mancini admitted that if Balotelli was his son he would 'give him a kick up the arse' for smoking. But he went on to say that he didn't think it was a major problem because the Italian only smokes a handful of cigarettes a day. 

"For me it is not OK but I am not his father," Mancini said of Balotelli, who has been regularly spotted smoking. "If he were my son, I would give him a kick up the arse but he is not my son. I have told him it is better that he doesn't smoke because I am always against cigarettes and that's why my son doesn't smoke. There are players in Italy who smoke and some over here but I don't think he smokes a lot – maybe five or six a day."
2011-12-31 09:18:07
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