Is Flamengo striker Deivid's latest miss the worst one of all time?
Flamengo striker Deivid's latest miss is being heralded as one of the worst of all time - do you agree?
Feb 27, 2012 | 16 : 13 PM
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Deivid's miss for Flamengo against Vasco da Gama in the semi-final of the Guanabara Cup is arguably one of the worst misses of all time.

The incident occurred after Ronaldinho released Renauto down the right-hand side, before laying the ball on for Deivid, who turned the ball onto the post, despite being unmarked in the box.

Vasco da Gama went on toe score a late winner to claim the tie 2-1.

Speaking after the incident, Deivid commented: "I was certain I was going to score. 

"I hit it and started turning to celebrate, and in that fraction of a second, in a moment of carelessness, it happened what it happened. Even my 5-year-old son would have scored.

"I'm the only one guilty. I wish I could be here talking as a hero and not as a villain. If I had scored, it would have been a different story."

2012-02-27 16:50:16
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