What promise did current President of Gil Vicente, António Fiúza, make if his side win the Taça da Liga final against Benfica?
Apr 14, 2012 | 09 : 27 AM
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Current President of Gil Vicente, António Fiúza, made promise that if his side defeat Benfica to win the Taça da Liga, then he will offer free champagne and food for 8 days to the homeless in Gil Vicente.

Gil Vicente made a historic moment for the very first time in their 88 year history as a football club by reaching the Taça da Liga final after eliminating Braga in the semi-finals from a 4 goal to 2 penalty shoot out win after a 2 goal to 2 draw. Here is more information: http://socqer.com/questions/2241/what-historic-moment-did-gil-vicente-achieve-for-the-first-time-in-their-88-year-history-as-a-football-club/

Boa sorte, Gil Vicente!

2012-04-14 10:01:16
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