Has a donor for Carlos Martins’ son, Gustavo, been found?
I heard something about this today, but I was unable to hear the rest because of all the noise in the background.
May 11, 2012 | 21 : 17 PM
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Yes, a match for Carlos Martins’ son, Gustavo, has been found!

On the night of 16 November 2011, Portugal’s celebration of qualifying to the Euro 2012 was cut short, very short, after Granada’s Benfica bound Carlos Martins found out that his only child, Gustavo, was diagnosed with leukemia. Here is more information: http://socqer.com/questions/1714/what-is-wrong-with-portugals-and-granadas-midfielder-carlos-martins-3-year-old-son-gustavo/

On the 11th of May of 2012, Carlos Martins broke the great news that a match for his son was found! He broke the great news both on the official Facebook page and website of Gustavo’s cause. Here is what he wrote in Portuguese, which I will translate in English:

Today is a day with lots of joy.

With great gratitude, commotion and satisfaction that we announce, after a long and exasperating period of wait, a donor was found fully compatible with Gustavo.

To all who were concerned, that lost hours of your time, that did kilometres and were subjected to wait in line, that said it was a present, that shared our pain and joined our movement to help Gustavo, our many thanks.

It was given a very important step to the healing of Gustavo.

We, also, in the deep of our heart, for this wave of solidarity to hold and that many more lives are saved.

We continue to give updated news on the state health of Gustavo on the page https://www.facebook.com/vamosajudarogustavo and www.vamosajudarogustavo.com.

Once again, in my name and in the name of my family, our many thanks, thank you so much!

Let’s continue to safe lives!

Carlos Martins

This is great news! Kudos!

2012-05-11 22:44:37
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