How did Carlos Tevez get the scar on his neck - and why doesn't he have plastic surgery to remove it?
May 23, 2011 | 02 : 17 AM
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The distinctive scar, which runs from Tevez's right ear, down his neck to his chest, is the result of a freakish, chidhood accident.

Growing up in the tough Buenos Aires neighbourhood of Fuerte Apache, Tevez knocked over a boiling kettle of water, seriously scalding himself.. "My mom was drinking mate (a traditional Argentine herbal infusion) with my aunt. I crawled on the floor and do not know how I threw the kettle of boiling water," he said once. The young Tevez suffered third-degree burns as a result of the accident and was hosptialized for two months.

When he joined his first football club, Boca Juniors, an official offered to pay for plastic surgery to have the scar removed but Tevez refused. Years later he explained that he couldn't cope with the fact the operation would have kept him out of football for four to six weeks. "No way I can get along without touching a ball, " he said. But asked subsequently why he doesn't have it removed, he said that he considers the scar to be "a part of who he was in the past and who he is today."

Carlos Tevez's scar: " a part of who he was in the past and who he is today."

2011-05-23 02:19:47
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