Did Paolo Di Canio once have a bust-up with Fabio Capello?
Has the new Sunderland manager ever clashed with Fabio Capello?
Apr 03, 2013 | 07 : 42 AM
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Fabio Capello did clash with Paolo Di Canio back when the former West Ham striker was on the books at AC Milan.

Capello, the manager of the Rossoneri at the time, fell out with Di Canio during a pre-season tour to China in 1996.

Things came to a head when Capello opted to substitute the striker, with Milan leading 1-0 against Beijing in a friendly game.

Di Canio took offence to the decision and, according to his autobiography, the following exchange took place:

Di Canio: "Why are you so obsessed with the result of a friendly?"

Capello: "You are an ugly c*** and your face looks like a p***s."

Di Canio: "F*** yourself. Who are you to talk to me like this."


Unsurprisingly, Di Canio never played for Capello again and was soon transferred to Celtic in the SPL.

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