How did Joleon Lescott get his distinctive scars?
May 29, 2011 | 11 : 32 AM
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England defender Lescott got the scars on his forehead and hairline after getting hit by a car when he was a boy.

Joleon was just five years old when he was hit by the car just outside his primary school in the Quinton area of Birmingham after his mother dropped him off for the day.

She was sitting in the family car and could only watch on as the car struck Lescott dragging him down the road.

Lescott suffered severe head injuries and his survival was in doubt for a period. He had to undergo a number of major surgical operations, which left a significant amount of scarring across his forehead and hairline and are still visible today.

Lescott has said that the accident, which kept him in hospital for several months, has been a key part in his success, making him more determined to make the grade as a professional. "I was lucky," he told The Independent newspaper in 2006. "A lot of people have come off a lot worse than I did. I saw another little boy in hospital who came in without a scratch, but had suffered brain damage after being hit by a wing mirror. I have a scar but I have nothing to worry about. I had a major operation straight away and several more over the next few months but I was young and didn't really know too much about what was going on."

The accident helped forge a tight bond within his family, he explained. "I was in hospital for a few months and it was difficult for my mum, dad and the whole family but I think maybe it helped make us the tight unit we are today. We definitely appreciate each other more as a result of what happened and the accident has made me appreciate life a lot more and people with disabilities. I realise that I am one of the fortunate ones."

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