Which footballers have the nicest tattoos?
Mar 24, 2011 | 20 : 38 PM
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Daniel Agger has some truly impressive ink all over his body. The Liverpool defender has a massive tattoo all over his back, depicting a Viking graveyard. He has also got an interesting inscription on the top of his back 'Mors Certa, Hora Incerta' which translates to 'Death is cretin, Its hour is not'.

Daniel Aggers new back piece

The fact that Agger is a licensed tattoo artist might have something to do with the amount of tattoo he is currently sporting all over his body.

Daniel Agger tattooing a client

2011-03-24 20:40:34

Marco Materazzi is as famous for being covered in tattoo's as he is for fighting with every attacker in the game.

A number of Materazzi's tattoo's are football related. He has a large World Cup tattoo on his thigh that he got right after he helped Italy win their fourth world title back in 2006. He has a 'scudetto' on his forearm which he got then Inter won the Serie A in 2007. He also has the Champions League trophy tattooed on his calf, with 'Madrid 22 05 2010' written underneath it to commemorate Inter becoming European champions. He's got a blue snake which is the symbol on Inter Milan.

He also has a Moto GP helmet which is a symbol of his close friendship with Moto GP phenomenon Valentino Rossi. Matrix has other tattoo's all over his body, the most prominent being his American Indian which is on his chest, the two stars near his shoulders, the male lion on his right thigh and the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci which is on his stomach.

2011-03-24 21:16:50

David Beckham is one of the footballers who is constantly being linked with starting the whole footballer tatoo boom that has taken over practicly every major league over the last decade.

Beckham often speaks about how much his tattoo's mean to him and how they are his way of expressing himself. The former Real Madrid and Manchester United star has several tattoo's dedicated to his family, including his sons names down his back and roses on his arm, which he got for his 10th wedding anniversary.

2011-03-26 18:26:22

Craig Bellamy (Cardiff / Whales) has some impressive tattoo's. They tie in with his fiery personality and make him stand out.

Raul Meireles (L'Pool / Portugal) has got a vast number of tattoo's covers most of his arms and various scattered around his body.

2011-03-29 18:02:56
I notice that Craig Bellamy has already been mentioned but the story behind his "sleeve" tattoo all down his arm is an interesting one. Bellamy is a proud and fiery Welshman and had a keen interest in the history of his country. He was captivated by the story of the last Welsh Prince of Wales, who fought against the English and was finally beaten by them in the 15th Century. Owain Glyndwr fought Henry IV and won a notable victory against him at the Battle of Pilleth. The story of that battle is depicted in detail on Bellamy's arm.
  Countryman Robbie Savage, meanwhile, lived up to his reputation as a style icon. His first tattoo was the Armani logo! He now has several, all of which mean something to him personally.
  Jamie O'Hara at Wolves has his late mother's name and dates of her short life on one arm as well a short saying/
  It is rumoured - and the man himself refuses to comment - that Aston Villa chairman Randy Lerner has a Villa tattoo on his ankle which would make him pretty unique.
2011-10-29 07:54:59
On the 2nd of February of 2012, Raul Meireles revealed a new tattoo of his that is of a dragon.

Is this dragon in dedication to Porto?

Or is it in dedication to Chinese culture?

Hum! He has not said anything about it… for now anyway. What a very, very cool tattoo! Well, I think so anyway! Cool!
Janine Self
Janine Self
2012-02-04 00:31:00
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